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Start your engine from up to 800 feet away to across state with any of our remote start system. These remote starter system comes with two remotes and several features, such as keyless entry and SmartStart compatibility.

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Remote Car Starter Installation | New Jersey

Wouldn't you love to get inside your car in the winter with the heat already blasting? In the summer, wouldn't it be amazing if your car was already pumping out ice cold A/C before you even got in? What you need is a remote car starter (aka automatic starter or remote start system). With a remote starter, you can conveniently start your vehicle without having to open the door and turn a key.

I sell, install and repair remote starters and offer the best deal on remote car starter installation in New Jersey. Keep reading to learn more about how a remote start works and the costs and process associated with installing remote starters.

If you are ready to add a remote car starter to you vehicle, give me a call at (908) 671-1414

How a Remote Car Starter Works

How a remote car starter works is rather straightforward. There are essentially two parts. You have a receiver, which is an electrical starter module, and a transmitter, which is the remote. The starter module gets wired into your car's electrical system. When you push the start button on your remote key fob, a radio signal is sent to the receiver which starts the car just as if you were to insert a key into the ignition.

Keyless car starters are great for anybody and work on automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Remote car starters are perfect for those cold, snowy winters or hot summer days. The remote start will allow you to heat up or cool down your car before you even get inside.

We know all too well the danger of driving with snow and ice covering your vehicle during the winter. By using a remote car starter, you can heat your vehicle beforehand to help melt the snow and ice off of your vehicle for a safer drive.

Remote vehicle starters can even provide a return on your investment as they can increase your vehicle's resale value!

Remote Starter Installation Cost

This is a hard question to answer. It depends on the vehicle, and the features you would like to have installed. A basic system could be $200.00 for a straightforward vehicle that does not have a factory installed immobilizer bypass.

One thing is for sure, much like Goldilocks' soups being too cold or too hot, some remote start installations are too expensive, but some can be too cheap! Have you ever seen a $99.00 remote start special on discount group buying promotional sites!? Yikes! I have! But we have also seen the insides of those installations too. The wiring is terrifying and we are often relieved that the vehicle did not catch fire. To quote one of our customers "What should I have expected from a $99.00 remote start system." That poor customer had extensive issues with her vehicle, all because of a fast and sloppy remote starter installation.

On the other hand, dealerships sometimes quote $700-1,000 for remote start systems. I will never try to be the cheapest. But I will always promise to be the best. My installations take time. Why, because I do not cut corners. Fast installations often lead to future trouble. I solder all data connections and insure that the remote start system is a permanent, reliable, trusted component of your vehicle. My installation is my signature, my calling card. When another facility sees the wiring, I want them to immediately know that the equipment was installed in a careful manner with pride.

Most of my installations and remote start products come with a lifetime guarantee. Typically the only time you will need to worry about an issue is if you change the vehicle's battery, or if your key-fob batter dies. If either of those events occur, call me and I will get you back up and running.

Why Choose me for Your Remote Car Starter Installation?

You won't find a better remote car starter deal in New Jersey. You won't get the same service and affordability if you go to a dealership or other big box shop.

I have been in business for 14+ years. I carry the top remote car starter brands, so when you purchase from me you always get a high quality product designed to last. My top priority is making sure that your installation is given the time and attention that it needs to minimize the likelihood that you ever have an issue.

Find out why I install hundreds of remote start systems every winter.

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If you are ready to add a remote car starter to you vehicle, give me a call at (908) 671-1414.

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